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Rose Pelvic Physiotherapy was born following years of working in insurance based environments that did not have patient interest at heart, lacked affirming environments, and misunderstood racial diversity. From having to see multiple patients at a time to having a patient see multiple different therapists, it was clear there was not a value on how patients were treated, represented, and respected. We aim to provide exactly those things. With our founder being a black woman in a world and field largely not made of people who look like her, she knew the environment needed to be created. At Rose Pelvic Physiotherapy it's all about the patient in our private, hour long sessions. We look forward to setting the standard for true patient-centered treatment.

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Our Mission

At Rose Pelvic Physiotherapy LLC, our desire is to provide a safe and affirming environment to maximize the overall health and wellness of all individuals with a pelvis alongside an experienced and licensed pelvic health physical therapist through individualized treatments tailored to emphasize increased quality of life, pelvic health, and general wellness.

More about Physiotherapy

Pelvic physical therapist assessing patient hip, holding knee and foot

To some, the distinction between a Physiotherapist and a Physical Therapist may be considered regional. For Rose Pelvic Physiotherapy the distinction is in philosophy and approach. Outside the U.S., where the treatment of neuromuscular dysfunctions originated, specialists are called Physiotherapists or Physio’s. In these countries, Physio’s do not need a physician or other doctor’s permission to treat patients. Additionally, a patient does not need a referral to be seen by a Physio. This is referred to as Direct Access in the U.S. Direct Access empowers the patient. Physiotherapy treatment is patient centered with one-on-one sessions providing exercises and education. The founder of Rose Pelvic Physiotherapy, being an Australian trained Physiotherapist, has aspirations physical therapy in the U.S. can evolve to better serve patients. This environment exists right here in North Alabama at Rose Pelvic Physiotherapy. 

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