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Affirming Care You Deserve

You are not a diagnosis. At Rose Pelvic Physiotherapy we don't treat a diagnosis, we treat the whole person. That's why it is not what we treat, but rather who we treat. You are multifaceted consisting of physical, social, emotional, and psychological factors that contribute to your health. You can rest assured you will be heard and provided the tools required to stop and prevent pelvic floor dysfunctions such as leakage, constipation, and pre/post-surgical complication.

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You deserve to define and live your dream life without pain or judgement.


You are worth making the necessary adjustments and sacrifices to live the life you want.


You deserve to feel whole in body and mind.

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WE SERVE and affirm

C. L.

"I've polled groups and called every place in town and learned how they do things and who has expertise with prolapse. I want to see one person, not a group which limits the options. That's why I want to work with you."

Tiffany C.

"It is rare to find a professional who is highly knowledgeable at their craft while still being down-to-earth and making you feel comfortable. Thank you so much for your help Dr. Erion!"

C. H.

“The ONLY black-owned pelvic physical therapy practice in North Alabama! Dr. Sha'Rose Erion has been an absolute GEM to work with in regard to my fibroids and how they have impacted my pelvic health. ”

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